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Top 10 countries to visit in July

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Tired of watching vacation pictures of colleagues or friends? Bored of the mundane routine work of weekdays? Crestfallen due to pressure of meeting deadlines and expectations? If you’re human and alive, I’m sure you’re persecuted by at least one of the maladies mentioned above. The cure is here and what a humdinger of a cure it is! Here is a list of the top 10 countries to visit in July, with your family or friends. There is something for everyone in this meticulously curated list for the absolute top 10 countries to visit in July.


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Europe, undoubtedly, is the paragon of vacation sites. Quaint architectures, imposing buildings, succulent food and ever-so-jolly citizens are the main reasons one has to visit Europe and France is the crowned jewel of the already anointed Europe. Its capital Paris, renowned for the Eiffel tower is as historical and beautiful as cities get. Let us see why France is among the top 10 countries to visit in July.


Ever heard of the serene, idyllic french morning? Well, if not then witness it for yourself. Dazzling sun rays make their way through the sprawling fauna and create an everlasting image, etched forever in you. The perfect moment for capturing fantastic pictures and snaps. Weather stays enclosed between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, making it a great country to visit in July.


The main square festival, on the 1st of July is a doyen of music festivals. Hosted in the scenic location of the Vauban Citadel, it houses more than 50 artists that will rock your soul to galaxies and beyond. If you love music then in a jiffy, book those tickets and experience a nirvana of sorts.


If you bleed water then the famous islands of Sardinia and Corsica will be your haven as you bask in the languid sunlight and pristine waters. The independence day parade also creates a hoopla about itself owing to the legendary fireworks display. If the connoisseur in you wants to wander the famous french wineries, July is the best time to indulge in this decadence.



If you have ever been present on social media, which I suspect you have been, you must have seen posts of crystal blue and turquoise waters being spammed. They are from nowhere else but Indonesia and the main culprit being Bali. Bali, to say the least, must have been god’s own residing place as it is breath-damn-takingly beautiful, pushing Indonesia up on the list of top 10 countries to visit in July.


The weather in July is ideal for all types of activities that there are. With maximum temperatures reaching 29, every day is replete with cool, calm breezes and picturesque sunsets.


The Bali arts festival, held in Werdhi Budaya arts centre in Denpasar is one to witness. Plethora of art forms and items form myriad cultures are found at this coveted art festival. Drink-in the ethnic visuals and lose yourself in history and culture. Art Lovers! This is the country to visit in July!


Water sporting adventures are a plenty with offerings from various sources at competitive prices. Visit the famous temples in Ubud and meditate here for a spiritual experience. As there is something for everyone, Indonesia justifies it’s place in the top 10 countries to visit in July.

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The best time to visit the beaches of Greece is in July itself, with the sun on its toes, ready to provide you with an unforgettable beach experience.


Greece is graced by the onset of the Athens and Epidaurus festival, the single most eventful fest of the summer calendar. The one month festival, starting 15th July, features various Greek productions in the forms of music, opera and the theatre. Awaken the purist in you and head straight to Athens to catch this live.


You can tour the Acropolis museum, renowned for its archaic and fascinating collections. Have lunch at the rooftop bars in Athens with views that will melt your soul. Splash-fans can visit the beaches and have a frolic time of their own. This July, only ply.

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If white is the new green was a fad, Greenland would probably be the source. Certainly, a great country to visit in July, with the fascinating Arctic circle passing through it, Greenland is mostly covered in snow and inaccessible but in the summer months of June and July, the real magic unfolds as the luscious greens thaw in the meagre sun rays, making for the perfect getaway.


WIth temperatures as high as 20 degrees Celsius, all that Greenland has to offer, unlocks like an anachronistic chest. The plants sprout to life in July, owing to the minor melting of ice layers.


There are a lot of adventurous expeditions going on in Greenland at this time which can be enjoyed both as a participant and as a viewer.


One can visit the Roklubben restaurant and the Inuit cafe for decadent meals and breathtaking views. Riding with huskies is also a wonderful experience in July. Thus, this country ought to be a part of your top 10 countries to visit in July.

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Does Switzerland really need an advocate to justify its place in the countries to visit in July? With everything that is possesses being near-perfect, Switzerland is Europe’s own natural greenhouse. From luxury watches to picturesque mountains, from divine nature to wondrous food, you name it, they have it.


The summer month of July has ideal weather with little to no rainfall. So, its a go for all kinds of activities.


The Gurten music festival is the most coveted in the month of July but book your tickets in advance for this one as it is heavily pre-booked. Revere to all kinds of music here and have a time of your life.


One can visit the beautiful villages of Interlakken and Gutenborough for heavenly experiences and also go for Paragliding through these imposing views. Swiss chocolate is one to have and food here is also one to not miss and must be a staple in all countries to visit in July lists.

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Put that high school Spanish learned to good use and come to the land of football. A dream destination for any footballer, Spain has much more to it to be capable among countries to visit in July this year. It resurrects from the winters in the month of July and really comes to life as all activities resume.


July witnesses a warm temperature range of 16-26 degrees Celsius, making it perfect to visit this country in July.


You’re in luck as the famous San Fermines festival of Pamplona is happening this very July. Have a life-raunching thriller experience witnessing the killer bulls chase a couple of ‘die-hards’.


Visit the famous beaches of Ibiza, take a walk through Camp Nou, the official stadium of the Barcelona team, and visit Madrid for its party scenes and nightlife. So. Gather some euros and prepare a trip to Spain, the pinnacle of countries to visit in July.

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Did someone say Safari? South Africa has always been a constant in the countries to visit in July due to the optimum weather and beautiful landscapes.


Pleasant afternoon temperatures between 23-25 are observed but the mornings are relatively chilly.


The Knysna Oyster festival graces South Africa in July and comes with various other activities such as walking through trails, and cycling challenges, among other things which makes it more appropriate to visit in July.


Witnessing the big 5 (Cape buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros and Elephant) is one of the main attractions here, at Kruger park. There are also many trekking opportunities to choose from. Johannesburg has the Apartheid museum which is also a must-visit, making South Africa a torch bearer for countries to visit in July.

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Certainly, one of the best countries to visit in July, Turkey is a beautiful confluence of cultures. Both Islamic and European influences make it possibly one of the best countries to visit in July. Turkish foods and architectures are world-renowned for their intricacy and succulence.


Average summer temperatures are experienced from 25-30 degrees Celsius which makes the night relatively cooler and the nightlife more vivid and enjoyable.


The techno mix festival hosted in Antalya is a prime tourist attraction. Taking place on the Lara beach, it’s the perfect destination for techno lovers and music aficionados who are seeking countries to visit in July this year.


The markets of Turkey are flooded with precious and handcrafted artifacts which are beautiful and robust at the same time. The Gurkan Sef steakhouse is a local delicacy to try after meandering through the streets of turkey on a sightseeing tour.

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Certainly, one of the best countries to visit in July or literally any time of the year is the United States of America. With its giant cities like New York and Washington and party ones like Miami, it has something for everyone and truly justifies being in the top 10 countries to visit in July.


July here is a summer month and therefore average temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius are witnessed. California has the most beautiful weather this time of year which makes the USA, the best country to visit in July.


The American Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th of July, replete with pomp and frills and significant hoopla about it. There are numerous parades throughout the country and various other fun activities. Certainly, USA is the country to visit in July this year.


Shopping and supping are the dime a dozen activities here as the quality of both is amazing and hitherto never experienced. Visit the Statue of Liberty and the times square among other very famous places to visit, all of which make it the best country to visit in July.

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A list of top countries to visit in July will always be complete without the mighty UK. Being the most sought after destinations in the world by tourists and travelers, UK was saved as the best for last in this list of best countries to visit in July.


Weather remains ideal throughout the month with temperatures between 15-25 degrees Celsius which is perfect for everything from having a beer at a local pub to playing soccer with the locals.


The biggest festival according to the Londoners is Wimbledon which is the first week of July this year. Get a chance to witness legends like Roger Federer and Nadal head-to-head in this world-renowned tennis competition which undoubtedly makes the UK the country to visit in July for all sports enthusiasts.


Visit your favourite English Premier league club stadium, shop in majestic malls and stores, see historic museums and architectures. Its all here in the best country to visit in July this year.

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