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15 Best solo trips for women

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Why we are talking about the best solo trips for women? Since time immemorial, man has been known to venture outdoors and hunt for food while women stayed back and took care of the house but the advent of the 20th century revolutionized this age-old

thought. Nowadays, women travel liberally around the world and there are many locations that are

both safe and blissful for them to travel to. Here is a meticulously curated list of the ‘15 best solo trips for women’



1-ICELAND ( Best solo trips for women )

A trip to Iceland is one of the best solo trips for women as it is amongst the safest countries in the

world. A testament to that is the number one ranking of Iceland on the Global Peace Index which is

an achievement of its own. The crime rate here is surprisingly low coupled with excellent medical care

which tops it all up like a cherry on that cake. Apart from the safety, Iceland is famous for its stunning

natural glaciers and active volcanoes, which are bound to take your soul for a ride and holds true to

the name of “Land of Ice and Fire”. Visiting in February to march or September to October makes it

even more deserving of being in the list of best solo trips for women.

Best solo trips for women
Adventures in Iceland


2-Denmark (Best solo trips for women)

In an overall sense, this country deserves the no.1 spot on the list of best solo trips for women owing

to its exceptional safety and exhilarating offerings. There are imposing locations that offer beautiful

postcard shot pictures for your Instagram to get those coveted likes. The stunning landscapes offer

serene silhouette at sunset, which makes for a transcendent panorama that stretches for as far as the

eyes can visualize. It stands second on the Global Peace Index and the President of Denmark is also a

woman. Justifies its place on the list of best solo trips for women, doesn’t it?

Best solo trips for women
Denmark in all its beauty


Rwanda (Best solo trips for women)

Recently crowned as the 6th safest country for women and the safest in Africa, Rwanda is both a treat

and a safety retreat and therefore ranks high in our list of best solo trips for women. The country is

replete with history and wildlife which is coupled with a welcoming attitude of the locals. With the

highest percentage of women in the government in the world, no further testament is required to

justify Rwanda’s place in best solo trips for women. There is a plethora of places for you to visit and

rejoice, with no fear of any crime whatsoever.

Best solo trips for women
Lush greens of Rwanda

4- Austria (Best solo trips for women)

Austria is a great choice for the best solo trips for women as it is resplendent with mother nature. Take

a trip directly into the lap of nature and assimilate every smell and visual deeply. The country has some

amazing food options and comfortable yet budget stays for women. The renowned river Danube flows

thorough the space and provides stunning views of azure blue waters. The best time to visit this is in

April to September, when this place truly comes to life and can be one of the most exciting and best

solo trips.

cheap flights, mountains, austria ,


5-New Zealand (Best solo trips for women)

Gone are the days and the people who said that women aren’t daredevils. New Zealand provide you

with the opportunity to pull out that daredevil and make this one of the best solo trips for women.

This place offers countless outdoor adventure for you to choose from and embark upon.

From skydiving and bungee jumping, to caving, off road driving, river rafting, ziplining, jetboating, etc.

the list goes on for eternity. Aside from the adventures, New Zealand is totally safe for women and

the locals are very helpful and polite. Looking for the best solo trips for women, well New Zealand got

you covered lady!

new zealand, cheap flights ,
A female globetrotter in New zealand


6- Czech Republic (Best solo trips for women)

It is rumored that individuals of Czech Republic are enlivened by the 90’s style, but the roots and

culture of Czech Republic has gone through hundreds of years of progress and advancement and has

transformed it into a site which is worthy of a mention in best solo trips for women. Having

experienced good and bad, Czech Republic is presently a spot wherein individuals are devoted to their

recreation time, parks are used without limit, and beer emulates drinking water here. With such a long

way to go at each niche and corner, Czech Republic is for sure one of the most mind-blowingly

independent female travel objections on the planet and must end your search for best solo trips for


czech republic, Best solo trips for women
Sunset at Czech Republic

7- Switzerland (Best solo trips for women)

If heaven is on Earth, it is probably in Switzerland. Every inch of this place is just magical and leave you

spellbound. It is also one of the safest countries in the world which makes it one of the best solo trips

for women. Indulge in Swiss chocolate and try the delectable Swiss food. Purchase a custom watch of

your choice and keep it as a souvenir to remind you of this wonderful trip. Live life, DDLJ sized and

come to Switzerland today on your endeavour for the best solo trips for women.

canada, cheap hotels,


8- Canada (Best solo trips for women)

Canadians, being voted as the happiest people on earth, must have a reason to back this strong claim.

Canada is a beautiful destination for one of those best solo trips for women. From polite and hospitable

locals to beautiful sceneries, Canada has it all. There are many adventure opportunities here too which

will leave you enthralled. It also ranks high in the women’s safety Indexes and pretty low in crimes

against women. So, without another thought you can plan your next trip here and end that quest for

‘best solo trips.’

Best solo trips for women
Canada, a pure retreat


9-Japan (Best solo trips for women)

japan travels,
Woman in Japan

Arigato! I’m sure you’ve heard of this phrase. Well, Japanese is pervasive, I agree. Plan one of your

best trips for women here and bask in the historical Japanese way of life. Comprising primarily of rice

and miso soup, Japanese residents center a ton around occasional produce and furthermore,

incorporate a great deal of fish for their eating regimen. The sushi foods are popular overall and other

tasty dishes incorporate fish, prawns, cured vegetables, and considerably more. It’s amine central too

here if you’re an anime fanatic too. Japan has it all and deserves your validation in the best solo trips

for women.


10- Bhutan (Best solo trips for women)

For that peaceful road not taken, incorporate Bhutan in your list of best solo trips for women. There

are numerous idyllic monasteries, snow-covered mountains and other stunning landscapes that leave

you transfixed. The only country in the world to be Carbon negative, it is also a safe haven for women

to travel and explore the tranquility and vastness of Bhutan. The food here will be new for you and

people are polite and very hospitable. Best trips for women list just got more interesting with the

addition of Bhutan to it.



11- Sweden (Best solo trips for women)

Gender Equality is not just an elusive concept in Sweden, it is a reality, and what a beautiful one.

Consistent with that conviction, the residents have ensured that gender equality simply doesn’t stay

as a simple theory, however proceeds to become one of the underpinnings of their future society. It

is one of the great options that goes in this list. Also, on your visit to Sweden,

you can feel the empowerment that encompasses you wherein you witness ladies practicing

equivalent power and freedoms like that of men. Roused at this point? Well, I am.

sweden , Best solo trips for women
Sweden in all its glimmering.


12- Australia (Best solo trips for women)

The land down under is a fairyland, equally for men and women. It is a haven for women on solo trips

as you can meet great people in Australia, both locals and travelers. The night life of Australia is

mystical to say the least, comprising of vibrant pubs and bars, that come to life in the night and provide

for a memorable experience. Other than that, it offers beautiful landscape views of mother nature. It

also has incredible flora and fauna that will make for a wonderful trip. Surely, one of the best solo trips

out there.

australia , cheap flights,
Woman on a beach in Australia


13- Singapore (Best solo trips for women)

Did someone say shopping? Well, the haven for shopping has to be one of the best solo trips for

women out there. From opulent shopping malls to crowded flea markets, Singapore has it all. Millions

of solo women travellers flock to Singapore as it is safe and mystical. Anytime of the year is ideal for

visiting this country.

singapore women,


14- Paris (Best solo trips for women)

We realize Paris is the most heartfelt spot in the whole wide world, yet love isn’t really for someone

else. There is an explanation we put Paris on this rundown, and it is to investigate your adoration for

yourself. You don’t have to go gaga for another person when you’re in the spot which is the genuine

appearance of affection. Give self-love a chance senorita, choose Paris as one of the best solo trips for

women. Subsequently, feel roused to drench in the excellence of the city (in addition to the Eiffel

Tower) and let Paris fever run through your veins.

paris night view,
The Louvre, Paris


15- Las Vegas (Best solo trips for women)

las vegas
The Las Vegas entry sign

Welcome to the land where nonchalance is the only constant. People don’t care whether you’re a

man or a woman, they’re here for a great time. Vegas must always be among the best solo trips for

women as there is a lot more to it than just safety. The hotels here are amazing and the casinos are

world-renowned. The nightlife here is mystical and will make you forget every stress in the world.

So, book that ticket today and come try your lady luck!

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